In everything we do, we believe in a strong sense of design and art. The reason we get up from the bed in the morning is to create and supply the world with exceptional outfit designs and our diverse, yet strict, aesthetic. We truly believe in high end garments made with a high creativity process. We dare to think different, yet knowing what sells and what clients actually craves to their collection. We truly get goosebumps from the touch of high end materials and never compromise a finish for the sake of just finishing, therefor we always choose what's best, not what just works. We believe that the fashion industry can be green, so we choose to be that. Therefor we always find a use for all our bought materials, and since we have really fun creating, we always are able to lift up leftovers. All our pieces and collections blend together, and are always made out of our long grown aesthetic. Therefor our clients gladly mix our old stuff with the new and always excited to upgrade, therefor we have a super high returning customer rate of 89%. All of our family members has always found happiness to be of service so It's natural to us to always have the customer satisfied. There's a saying in Sweden that the customer is always right and you treat everyone with respect even though you won't get it back.

My core interests in life next to fashion are art, design and craftsmanship in all mediums, music, food, photography and movies, architecture and interior, animals, nature, traveling, people, culture and psychology, stock market and business. Every day I work with our brands together with my family. The time in between I create electronic music and host parties. I love to cook and tries to do that for my boyfriend everyday. I photograph, cast and direct all lookbooks and curate for friend's projects. All of my family members has designed and built their own houses and that's something I strive to do in the near future. I live close to the sea and have a boat that I make sure to use every summer day after work with my dog and friends. My studio is located in a yacht marina in the Swedish archipelago with the ocean as the view.

I am Carl Ivar Johansson, from Gothenburg, Sweden, the creator and director of CARL IVAR AB & NELLY JOHANSSON DESIGN AB. Established 2015 by me and my mother Nelly Johansson.









Carl Ivar Johansson l CEO

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