2021 is the year where we still break boundaries and create a blended collection where Mens and Womens wear become one, and introducing new footwear and bags. A lookbook photographed and edited by Carl Ivar, with models Linnea and Povel from Nisch management, styled and curated together with Nelly Johansson.
A complete wardrobe for 2021 and the future, handmade in the atelier by Carl Ivar and Nelly Johansson. A completely sustainable collection with upcycled garments and revamped classics blended together into a sober, yet playful unisex collection with relaxed blasé fits, easily mixed outfits and every day, endless possibilities. "We think our styles shall be worn from doing groceries, to business meetings, from clubbing to lounging".
Artisanal tailoring of revamped classics from the Nelly Johansson Archive ano 2004-2014, deconstructed and sewn together with unique menswear by Carl Ivar, left over fabric rolls and even personal worn vintage pieces. Horse and goat leather, fine silk and cashmere blends, Japanese french terry, stretchy cupro poplins, leftovers from the Swedish army, crushed and washed into new eternal wardrobes. Made to share with friends, family and partners across genders.
A wide range of unique outerwear in oversize silhouettes, that matches the extreme comfort pants, sweaters, dresses and tops. One side more proper, one side more loosely, to mix and blend to shape the unique look of the participator.
More than oversized luxurious sweatpants with matching hoodies and sweaters in different unique concepts made of heavy french terry and luxurious velour . Pleated skin-tight lingerie inspired suit pants with matching tops and dresses, overly simple 100% silk knitwear with hand painted strokes inspired by anatomy, crushed and destroyed with purpose.
Hand embroidery, thrashing distress and layering over the knitwear collection of alpaca, merino and silk. Hand sewn pleated hems and collars, loose patches and small fine destroyed details.
We introduce our new signature. A hollowed out white patch that came from both our labels, and stands for where the idea where our names doesn't matter and that both our brands designs can, will and is to be to mix and use together.
The new shoe project has been worked on for three years, and dreamt for fifteen. A complete new section where we introduce our new Super Leather Boots, Slip On Loafers, Spyders super Sneaker and Boxy platform heels. The red line is super comfortable, ultra luxury and boundary breaking. Something we love and not "also want to do" something that are allowed to also exist, something you can't find.
The boots, made in smooth grained calf leather, a calves high chunky square toe line, mixed with sneaker part and a burnished layered upper. The inspiration comes from our love to combat boots, but we urge to come with something new, different and more versatile. It's rough and raw, yet slick and elegant, made to use as a suit style shoe with the trousers leaning over but also with a high sock to shorts. 
Spyders are a super light, bonded layered strap sneakers made with high-performance craftsmanship in a chunky look. The name became a part of the creativity process. It comes from where the hand layered straps silhouettes a defending tarantula spider and the original skeleton is sketched from a utilitarian shoe, I saw worn by a special force agent. The acronym of CARL IVAR AB is CIA and acronym reminds me of Arachne, which is spider in Latin. When you spy you need to be sneaky, a spider is sneaky, sneakers became Spyders. A leather structure sneaker with mesh roundings, nylon strap free bindings to hold your baggy pants, embossed prints on the tongue, contrast double lacing, printed leather patch on inner side and a foot right brushed rubber sole.
"Slip In Me", our slip on loafer. A chunky yet slick shoe to be worn to any occasion. It's made in smooth grained goat leather, with a wide sole and a silver hardware emblem that resembles a mix of acronym CI and a pierced tongue, to break the somewhat boujee appearance.
Boxy ankle boot, our platform heel with an open toe, made in stretchy, smooth goat leather. A further unique design in our collection. Made in darkest black and a dirty bone color, has an open squared toe line, elongated front, firm foot and soft sock style upper, 6,5cm high cylindrical heel with a slight angle. A mix of something really old, something completely new, something really formal yet something sporty -a new timeless totally unique heel, also to any occasion.
Our bag collection is a mix of something strict, straight and edgy with something loose, round and baggy. Words that have describe all our products from the start. A wide yet carefully selection of a tote, wallet, messenger and hand bag. Made to be worn for different occasions.
Dinner Box Bag is a hand made black leather box bag, with wrapped metal circle handles and leather braided chain strap. A hard structure made to carry your most loved things. Lunch messenger bag, also a hard structure bag. With magnetic snap top and alternative handles, 3D effect outdent closure, silver rings and bond strap in leather with pin buckle. Made to carry your most needed.
Leather Tote bag in horse leather has an extra large silver zipper closure on top, single folds handle, fully lined with 6 card slots and inner pocket.
An over sized Large leather bag that can be tied as a hand bag or used with a shoulder strap in thick bull leather.
Distressed leather hand made bag in with padded handles and a soft Pleated Leather Clutch. With single wrapped metal handle.






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